Marketing and booking your rentals is the backbone of all Airbnb business. The rise of Airbnb (or sometime called air b and b!) is now a lucrative to make extra income. In view of the rising competion you will need a abundance of bookings and marketing and generating revenue is vital. Therefore, the overall goal is to focus on creating a plan to increase your booking revenue by obtaining consistent bookings.

These three ways to start your marketing journey will help you achieve success.

  1. Determine Your Marketing Strategy

Once you have completed the analysis of your local market, your competitors and your Airbnb rental, you are ready to implement the plan to market your property to potential renters.

Fortunately, the internet has now enabled you to market your home cost effectively, to potential renters in all corners of the world, not only cheaply and instantly but inexpensively!

The key tool in marketing your holiday home is the use of major websites like Airbnb, booking,com, HomeAway and VRBO. The purpose of these websites is to list and market your home to the renters using their website to find short term rentals.

  1. Analysis of your Airbnb Apartment

This analysis will help you determine your marketing strengths and where you can improve and take advantage of any new trends or opportunities in your local market.

Ask yourself the following:

  1. Compared to other apartments: what does your home offer that others do not? Can you identify any special features of your home? Such as location, the view, the type of property, etc.
  2. Are your rental rates competitive or undervalued? Do your online adverts highlight your property and can they be improved (through better photos, better written descriptions, etc.)?
  3. Is there anything lacking in your property compared to competing properties?
  4. Can you improve your home to be better such as upgrading facilities, decoration, furnishings, etc.)?

Once you have completed these questions you will identify the strengths and areas of improvement for your property and who you should be targeting.

  1. Use the help of a dedicated Airbnb management company

A good Airbnb property management company will be able to handle checking in guests, cleaning, checking out and checkout reports, restocking household goods and changing the linen for the new guests. A good Airbnb management company will attract multiple 5-star reviews, as they have the resources to provide a consistent service.

When the bookings start to arrive, your goal should be to obtain future bookings and manage the marketing to increase your revenue. The day-to-day maintenance and stress can take you away from this goal. Do you want to spend your time scrubbing toilets, or would you prefer to book out 2 lucrative weeks for your Airbnb property, or pay someone else to do it?

Follow these steps to make your Airbnb / serviced apartment a success story!

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