How much can you earn renting your Apartment on Airbnb, UK: 

Unlike long term lettings, all Airbnb rental costs are paid by the owner. However, guests pay a higher all-inclusive rate that include property rental, cleaning and maintenance.

For example, as an Airbnb rental owner with a 2-bed Birmingham City Centre apartment:

  • Rent £85/night
  • Occupancy 70% per month (3-5 nights per week)
  • 5 bookings a month

Using Airbnb Management, our charges are:


Professionally cleaned apartment.

All ovens & appliances cleaned, cutlery/crockery cleaned, bedding, linen and towels replaced.


(£50 per turnover 2-bed apartment)

Check In / Meet & Greet

We will meet guests at the property, familiarise them with the apartment and release the keys.

We find a personal meet & greet provides a better guest experience and leads to good reviews.


(£35 per check in)


Bedding linen washed and pressed, towels washed and folded, and delivered ready for cleaners.

Collection of used linen and towels.


(£50 per turnover 2-bed apartment)


Items like toilet paper, tea, coffee and cleaning materials replenished.


(£5 per turnover)

Total monthly costs for Airbnb rental owner

(Check In, Linen & Stock)

*Cleaning costs charged to guest at the time of booking £250


 Additionally, an Airbnb rental owner should consider the following property costs: 

Wifi / Internet

Costs are dependent on service provider.

£40 (estimated)
Gas, Electricity & Water

Costs are dependent on the size of the property but it will be less than running a family home as it will not be occupied all of the time.

£150 (estimated on 2-bed)


Council Tax

Costs to be confirmed by Owner contacting Birmingham City Council.

£103 (estimated on Band A)

Owner should buy specialist insurance.

£20 (estimated)
Total monthly costs for Airbnb rental owner £313


Rental income

(2-bed apartment at £85/night, 70% occupancy and 5 bookings)

Total monthly costs for Airbnb rental owner

(Airbnb Management and property costs)

Total monthly earnings £1,022


Now is the time rent your apartment on a short-term basis!


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